Plastic surgery disasters

plastic surgery disasters

plastic surgery disasters

Plenty of people were not fortunately born beautiful. Some receive scars from injury which can be permanent. You really don’t have to carry these flaws for the rest of your living days. Thanks to modern technology, cosmetic surgeries can be done to correct and restore body defects aesthetically. Plastic surgeries may come in two: reconstructive and cosmetic (aesthetic). Reconstructive can be done on an individual’s body to correct pre-natal deformities as well as post-natal deformities. Aesthetic surgery can be done to alter his or her body to his satisfaction. What if the doctor is not really good? Then you are prone to plastic surgery disasters.

The purpose of cosmetic surgery is to correct an individual’s body and give him or her self-esteem. Would you still want to undergo surgery if it will only make worse of your condition? There are thousands of recorded plastic surgery disasters on the history of cosmetic surgeries. From ordinary people who just want to remove embarrassing birthmarks to prominent celebrities and notable actresses and actors.

There are reports of Michael Jackson’s sister’s, Janet Jackson, cosmetic surgery end.

  • You can see on the internet that Janet’s early years that she had only a A cup breast but on her showbiz years it can be seen that she starts to wear dresses that exposes cleavage.
  • Picture over the internet also suggest that she really had a done a breast augmentation. Her breasts were rounded on just a spot; it appeared to be dented on the lower part of her breast.

The most probably talked among the plastic surgery disasters is no other than Lindsay Lohan’s. She started her career in Disney Channel and at the age of 18 she started to get surgical beautifications.

  • At the age of 25, she already had many types of filler for her cheek and lips.
  • At a young age of 25, she looked like a woman in her late thirties, replacing her once youthful and radiant skin to a dull and wrinkly skin.
  • Although her radiance somehow returned to its previous, it made a negative to the public and to her fans.

There are two ways to deal with plastic surgery disasters.

  • You get a follow-up cosmetic surgery
  • You carry this embarrassment for the rest of your life which is very unlikely.

You can’t simply want to have a surgery then just randomly pick doctors who say they’re good at cosmetic surgeries. No doctors want to advertise their medical malpractices; it will just damage their reputation. It’s your job to investigate and know the real credible person behind the successful corrected bodies so you would not end up having plastic surgery disasters. Inquire over the internet of the successful surgery testimonials. Get a record of the doctors past clients whether satisfied or a failure. This way you can get a hold of the past success rate as well as the failed ones then until you can decide whether to choose this doctor or call it off.