Before and after plastic surgery photos

before and after plastic surgery photos

before and after plastic surgery photos

Taking a photo of yourself is the best way to compare your previous self before the surgery and after the surgery.

  • This is best since doctors can’t really pinpoint the minor details which has been left out or details which is a bit off.
  • To add up, that had been your face from the day you were born until now. It’s very best that you yourself be the one to compare before and after plastic surgery photos.

This method is also convenient for doctors explaining the post operation aftermath to their patients and clients. Doctor will have an easy to explain to their clients since letting them see a hard copy of their before and after plastic surgery photos is more than convincing. But do not expect an instant and fantastic change immediately after surgery. You might be surprised that you only see you swollen face on the mirror. Before and after plastic surgery photos do not always have an immediate results especially patients who have undergone invasive surgical procedures. You also have to consider the time for the wound to heal which may take up to one week for minor surgery to few months for extensive ones.  The best time to compare before and after plastic surgery photos is when the recovery period for the patient is done.

Before the surgery, doctors impart and inculcate in the minds of their patients what they are going to do with their faces. They will take a photo prior to surgery then shows to the patients through the photo what part in their faces they will operate on. The doctor will share his ideas and his capabilities regarding your problem then will tell you the proper procedure. Modern and state of the art surgical machines are already available today which makes surgical procedure today less time consuming, less hassle and more safer. Your doctor will try to convince that with his outstanding capabilities and with the available and reliable machines your surgery will turn out to be a huge success.

You should also try to listen and give comments regarding the procedure.  Doctors usually know the best technique and will try to use the technique he thinks is convenient for him and his patient that’s why you should also express your thoughts if you are having second ideas on the procedure. It would be the best for the interest of both sides to share so there would be no problem after the surgery. Try also searching through the internet or ask your friends and relatives who have undergone the surgery you want to undergo. They are different results for different procedure of varying degree. This way you can have the ideal outcome of what may happen after. Comparing also your before and after plastic surgery photos to other owners of photos of the same procedure is also advisable. Compare and contrast the differences and tell your doctor what he may have missed or additionally operated.

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